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Manuel Schleiffelder
Mechatronik FluggerΓ€tebau

UID: ATU70351479
Kirchstetterngasse 27/H5,
1160 Vienna, AUSTRIA
T: ++43 660 212 77 29

Services: Systems Engineering
A multidisciplinary approach to systems architecture, system design, and decision making via technical trades. It includes various types of analyses to determine the driving parameters and constraints. The result usually is a system-, subsystem-, element- and/or part level specification in the form of a complete set of requirements. Technical Documentation
Conception, structure and formulation of specification-, definition-, and qualification documents. Reply documents to formal space industry procurement requests (RFI, RFQ, RFP). Interface control documentation (ICD). Compilation of a verification plan and a jusification file accordint to relevant standards. Patent applications. Technical Proposals
Literature research and documentation of the State of the Art. Formulation of proposal objectives, the research needs, the development approach, and the required verification activities. Work breakdown structure and Work package description. Technical Reviews
Evaluation of a technical design or system against its requirements and respective documetation of review item discrepancies (RIDs). Review of verification steps and their technical justifications. Technology Scouting
Collecting relevant technology related information regarding a defined scope of interest. Identification of emerging technologies. Review and classification of relevant of IPR. Design/Prototyping
CAD/CAM, Basic Simulations, 3D-Printing, CNC, Electroforming, Electronics, Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Test.