Advanced Composites

Metal Matrix Composites Research

MMC’s yield very interesting strength, toughness, and high temperature properties. Also, they can be made to feature very good at electrical and thermal conductivity.  Up to now, they were only used in selected high-tech applications since current manufacturing processes are limited in freedom of form, fiber orientation and are very cost intensive.  Our technology can change that.

We are introducing a novel manufacturing process for metal matrix composites. Instead of casting, powder- or sheet sintering, we apply a cost efficient electrochemical procedure to embed fibers (Galvanic Metal Matrix Composites). Pre-treated rovings are braided onto a mandrel which is then undergoing a multi step electrochemical process. This allows for excellent fill grades with only minor residual cavities. Because the process itself is mostly taking place at benign temperatures, the reinforcing fibers are not being compromised.

Carbon fibers by themselves retain their desirable properties to well above 2000°C when they are passivated against oxidation. With our process we are able to coat and embed them in a matrix of metal or alloy with a high melting point and/or good oxidation resistance. The result is unmatched by conventional means.

Sample Parts

Test Firing